10 min graphic requested by krisibility of taohun x pink

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lmao im just agreeing with anon about how surprising it is to see you online

lol i havent been on tumblr in about a month lol woops but if that anon wasn’t you then who was it?? this is very distressing for me omg

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wait i’m confused, were you the one who sent me that anon ask?



Anonymous asked: Omg Annie!?!

yes, hi who is this lol?

♪ - listen here 
breaking up totally sucks. wanna dance about it? 

01. milk - f(x) ; 02. thank u very much - bestie ; 03. so sorry - orange caramel ; 04. domino game - kiss&cry ; 05. hair short - wings ; 06. go away - 2ne1 ; 07. the reason i became a witch ; 08. kill bill - brown eyed girls ; 09. hit u (feat. bigtone) - dal shabet ; 10. no. 9 - t ara ; 11. glue - nine muses ; 12. you don’t love me - spica ; 13. healing - yoo sung eun ; 14. goodbye baby - miss a ; 15. the shadow - boa
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It would be very interesting to have this encyclopedia on Sehun.

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Anonymous asked: hey, i read that souharu vending machine fic. it was pretty good for a first time writing smut! but i just wanted to say that it was NOT dubcon. it was straight up rape, since haru said multiple times for sousuke to stop. even if haru started to get into it towards the end, the fact that he was vocally and obviously unwilling made it rape. which is an ok kink to write in fic, but should be labeled appropriately for people who are sensitive to those things.

I will change the warning to noncon. Thank you for telling this to me in a polite, civil way I know a lot of anons wouldn’t say this to me as kindly as you did so I’m grateful :)


This place is a paradise only if you’re here.
A paradise that has locked you in against your will.
A sad paradise that you won’t go if you’re awake.
A paradise that we can be together forever.


insp. by amigonew

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